Are Pool Enclosures Affordable?

Wow . . . those are really cool! I’d love to have one . . . how much do they cost? “It’s a typical reaction by homeowners when they are first introduced to our pool enclosure system”, reports Jeff Manger, a Project Manager for Libart Enclosure Systems in Ohio.

Manger typically responds, “Overall, pool enclosures are generally not considered to be a cheap home improvement. While they look quite expensive, many folks are shocked to find out how affordable that an investment in a pool enclosure can be. Especially when you consider what a average pool owner can save over it’s life cycle.”

To get an idea of how this might work, Manger suggests you could have a look at doing some broad calculations by estimating the following pool related expenses over the course of a full year:

What is the current cost of heating your swimming pool per year?
What is the current annual cost of keeping your pool clean, including labor and accessories such as filters or robotic pool cleaners?
How much does it cost you in chemicals per year?
How much do you spend on opening and closing your pool each year?

Now, you can simply multiply these costs by 25, which represents a very conservative life span of a pool enclosure. The total amount calculated will give you a reference point from which to begin your analysis. Probably by now you’re feeling a bit queazy at the mounting costs. However, if a substantial percentage could be shaved off these costs by installing a pool enclosure, then certainly a portion of the initial investment can be offset in the overall evaluation.

“Many of our clients tell us that their savings on heat, chemicals, cleaning, and annual start up / shut down costs run into the thousands per year”, Manger shares. “When you add it all up, and mix in the excitement of celebrating Christmas pool-side , then a pool enclosure quickly becomes a cost-effective solution for the outdoor living trend we’ve been experiencing lately”.

Up until recently, swimming pool enclosures were typically available in one of two price ranges. Starting on the low end, there is the “inflatable dome” enclosure type that are generally available for around $10,000 for a typical residential swimming pool. These enclosures provide a useful life of 3 to 5 years but require annual installation and removal since they become too hot in the summer. Also, unexpected punctures in the winter time can deliver costly pool repair bills in the spring. For those pool owners on a tight budget, this option can provide short-term benefits but can end up costing two to three thousand dollars per season.
On the other end of the spectrum, there is the ultra-expensive enclosure types like the ones we all see at Hotels and Fitness Centers. These enclosures are typically constructed of conventional building materials as well as glass & aluminum. High end ventilation and air-exchange systems are required for these structures to mitigate the strong chemical smell and high humidity that is common in any indoor pool environment. Often times these structures have a solid roof as the ones with glass roofs become very hot in the dog days of summer. Overall, there is a good reason why we only see this type on commercial buildings, the average cost per square foot is between $200 to $450. In doing the math, an enclosure measuring 25’ wide by 40’ long (that’s 1,000 square feet) would cost in the $200,000 to $450,000 range. The high price tag coupled with being stuck inside on a beautiful summer day often eliminates this option for many.
Finally, an affordable pool enclosure is now available in the US that delivers all the indoor comfort and security of a conventional structure yet can be converted to an open air environment in minutes delivering that outdoor freedom that everyone craves. A Retractable Enclosure, like those made by Libart USA, are engineered and installed in a progression of arched bays that retract in a telescopic fashion. These enclosures can be opened an inch, a foot, or all the way to provide any level of outdoor exposure that you desire and your current climate allows. They are available in many models and colors and can be installed for as little as $50 to $75 per square foot. Most residential models range in size from 800 to 1,200 square feet and can be custom designed to be attached directly to your home providing climate controlled access all year long.

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